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I'm currently using the demo version of HoudahGeo, and I'm having an issue with the GPS import. Whenever I import a track log, HoudahGeo always shifts time stamps by one or two hours, as in the examples below. Is there any way to change this behaviour, or to tell HoudahGeo in which time zone the track logs have been created?
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GPX files (and most other GPS log file formats) use the GMT time zone. HoudahGeo is aware of that and no adjustments are needed.

In HoudahGeo you can set a "display time zone". This determines how times are displayed in the project window. You can set this in the upper right corner of the window as well as from the View menu. This allows you to read times in a more natural manner. Set this to the time zone you travelled to and you can see that you got up at 8 AM local time, switched on your GPS and thus see HoudahGeo show the track starting at 8:05 AM.

You probably have this set to a GMT+2 time zone. E.g. Europe/Berlin. Thus a 12:00 PM GMT time will show as 2:00 PM (14:00) time.

The display time zone also applies to the timestamps on the photos. You can quickly check if your got the "camera time zone" setting right: the photo times must fall between the start and end times of the track logs (provided you had your GPS running).


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Thanks for your extensive reply. My mistake was quite simply that I didn't realize HoudahGeo treats all logging files as GMT/UTC by default. I'm normally using converted files which are already set to the correct time zone. I thought there might be a way to tell HoudahGeo that no additional
offset was needed, but I guess there isn't any?

Anyway, I've reuploaded the logs straight from the GPS unit now, and everything works out fine, so thx again.
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