I have the Garmin Legend HCx GPS. On the "Tracks" page of the GPS unit, I can set up track recording using one of three options:
1. Auto
2. By Time (you can adjust the time, every 30 seconds or longer or shorter)
3. By Distance (you can adjust the distance between readings.)

It seems if I use "Auto", and then import tracks from my GPS to HoudahGeo, I will then get a message from HG that the "...track does not contain time information. Such tracks don't help geocoding". And the images are not geocoded.

I thought I was using Auto in the past (possibly on a previous version of HG, last fall) and was successful using HG with my photo geocoding. But recently it hasn't worked when I'm set to Auto. I do get a track from the GPS unit (using Auto) when I use Google Earth Pro to view my entire picture-taking route, but HG does not seem to get the time information it needs from this track.

I have also learned that the accessory data card in in the Garmin HCx automatically saves a track file (by date) which DOES contain the time stamp information as well as the track. So if the GPS did not record time/track for some reason, I can extract a time-stamped track file from the card. But you have to be sure that the data card preferences are set to "Log Tack to Data Card" for this to work. This is apparently not the default setting if you put in a card or if you clear all user settings on the unit, and I had one big job where I did not collect any time stamp information at all because of these default settings.

I'm sorry if this is more of a GPS question, but do you know if my conclusions about a time-based track vs. "auto" is correct or is it supposed to work either way? Any suggestions on how often I should have the "time" set to record the track? Default is every 30 seconds.

Thank you for your help.

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I am sorry I cannot offer you any help as I don't have a Garmin Legend HCx.

Hopefully another reader will step forward and provide more information.

Pierre Bernard
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