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I used multiple cameras on a recent trip. Unfortunately, one of the cameras I used does not have a viewfinder. Thus, the photo I took of the QR Code generated by gps4cam after my trip was blurry and caused HoudahGeo to error out when processed.

With that in mind, I then went back to "Trips" and selected the appropriate trip in the gps4cam iOS application. Using the original camera that I shot the given set of photos I wanted to geotag, I reshot the QR Code for this specific trip. Thankfully, the GPS coordinates were set correctly to each photo in HoudahGeo.

Pierre - Could you review my steps above and verify if I went about things in the best way?


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This is the correct way if you want to use the QR code to set camera clock setting in HoudahGeo.

If you just want to use the track log, there is an option to export a GPX from gps4cam.


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