I have many old photos from the 1930s and 1940s. As I assign keywords, I generally try to assign a date, whether exact or estimated. But I haven't found a way to search for dates greater than or less than a given date. Am I missing this in the menus or in the manual?

By the way, I should say that I have entered my keywords in the Spotlight Comments field for decades now, and I enter dates in the format, 2016/04/06.

I see how to search for CREATION dates and MODIFICATION dates that come before or after a given date. But that does no good for photos that were taken as much as 80 years before they were scanned into my computer. In that case, creation dates and modification dates are meaningless. I need to search for dates that are listed in my keywords that are stored in the Spotlight Comments field.
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To the Spotlight index and HoudahSpot, keywords and comments are just text. The indexing process does not evaluate these in a way that would later permit searching these as numerical or date values.

You could search for keywords containing the text fragments 2016, 2015, 2014 to find photos from these three years. But I don’t see how you could get any more precise than that.


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Thank you!

The reason I asked my question is that I'm gathering many ancestral, antique photos as well as many up-to-the minute photos. In fact I even have a charcoal portrait of my great-great grandpa, and it's older than the first cameras. Such pictures don't have dates connected unless I somehow manually connect dates. So I put such dates, together with my keywords, into the "Spotlight Comments" field.

Photos taken previous to digital cameras didn't have metadata attached, nor did even the earliest digital cameras. In fact, Joseph Niepce's very first "Camera Obscura" was invented in 1814. And my great-great grandpa's charcoal portrait, is really from the early 1800s, so it certainly didn't have metadata attached.

I've been scanning family photos for decades now, and after I scan an antiquated picture, its reported creation date is really the date when I scanned it, not the date when the picture was first created. Multiple decades may have elapsed between the time when the picture was first created and the time when it was scanned.

I have no choice but to attach a known or an estimated date. So I have for many years already been attaching not only the most accurate date I could come up with, but also my own "Decades Code" to indicate which decade I believe it came from. And here's how I do that.

I note the first year of the decade, drop its first digit, and replace it with a capital "D." For example, right now we are in the decade of the 2010s, so if I'm indexing a photo that I took yesterday, I'll report that it came from the 2010s decade. I'll do this by dropping the first digit, the "2" and replacing it with a "D." This results in a decades code of "D010."

Similarly, a picture from 1842 comes from the 1840s decade, so it would have a decades code of D840. It's not quite as powerful as a "Less than" and "Greater than" scheme would be, but it's been working, and I'll apparently have to stick with it.
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