I use list view most of the time in HoudahSpot. But grid view can have its uses too. Especially now that I am trying to quickly scan for visual images that I am using in a current project. Now that I am testing the grid view display option, two very clear suggestions come to mind right away.

The most important is that, saving a search as template in grid view, does not remember the size of the grid view of the items displayed per row. I don't know why this is so? In almost every other aspect of saving a HoudahSpot template, whether the refine pane is open or shut, how the search results are sorted, or what the sort heading is that I have used in the set, saves as the templated search. I have revised many searches in this manor.

In grid view, the only way I would make use of a visual search for images would be if I could actually see the images. On my 24” vertically oriented monitor, where I run HoudahSpot, I prefer to see three images across. When I save a templated search with a three across grid view setting, the saved result triggers with about seven images in a row, quite small for this view and not at all how I had just saved it.

My usual method for looking through my found set is to hit the spacebar and get a quick look window of the file. I use Keyboard Maestro to hit a macro key and the quicklook window goes to full screen. Then I use the up or down arrow keys to go through my list while the quicklook preview changes with every selected file in the list. I thought by using grid view I could save a little time using this method and just see at a glance what I was looking for. Unfortunately, with the template not saving grid view items per row, this makes using the grid view as a template search setting pretty much a waste of time.

My second suggestion is again about using grid view. I don't know if there is a custom setting or not which would allow me to color the grid view background to a medium charcoal instead of how it is now? I have a vague notion that this may have been possible in a previous version of HoudahSpot or that there is someway to instigate this feature that I have forgotten.

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The grid view should save the zoom setting. This is a bug.

The grid view was rebuild from scratch for HoudahSpot 5. It has gotten a new nicer look and new features. The hidden setting to change the background color is no longer honored. I'll write this down as a feature request.
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