When I try to search for documents with TEXT CONTENT that CONTAINS the PHRASE "APPELLANT'S OPENING BRIEF" and I type that string in, I get 119 results. 

The query in that case is: ((kMDItemTextContent == '*Appellant\'s Opening Brief*'c))

When I copy and paste that string from a document that I know exists, i get 1277 results. In that case, the query is:

((kMDItemTextContent == '* APPELLANT’S OPENING BRIEF*'c))

Obviously, the cut and pasted string is allcaps, and has a "smart" apostrophe (or whatever it's called.)

How do I get the latter result without cutting and pasting the string? The first search doesn't return all the results I want. And what does the backslash in the query mean? Thanks...
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The backslash in the search string "escapes" the single quote. Without the backslash, that quote would be paired with the one that starts the search string. I.e. the search string would be cut off and leave trailing text.

Both search strings clearly differ in that one uses a straight quote and the other uses a smart/curly quote. They will match different documents.

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