Hi there,

After 4 years travelling, it's time to organize all the pictures and Photos iOS/iCloud wants to mess up with me :-)
First, all the times of my pictures are right, just the timezone might not be correct, except for pictures took with my iPhone (time and timezone is OK).
Now, I've succeeded (sample of 1 picture: 11.34 AM, timezone: Asia) using HoudahGeo to match time and timezone.
When I put the picture in Photo on Mac, everything goes alright. The problem starts when the picture goes in the cloud or on the phone.
If I transfer the picture to my iPhone using airdrop, the time is still correct (sample photo: 11.34 AM), but when I use Metapho (iOS app) to check the timezone, the time is wrong (20.34 PM timezone: Asia), so I assume the app Photo on iOS change the timezone to France, making this difference when I use Metapho.
Then, if I update the picture to the cloud, and get it back on my iPhone, the time is wrong (10.34 AM), and the same situation still apply with Metapho...
Normally, I'm really happy with Apple ecosystem...but this matter really starts to piss me.

So, I hope someone can explain a way I haven't discover putting everything back in order :-)


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Hi Nick,

You may have better luck with this question in Apple’s discussion forums at

Do report this as a bug at . You are unlikely to get a reply there. Apple does read bug reports. The more users report a bug the more likely it is to get fixed.

I don’t like that Apple Photos (and many others) don’t bother asking about the time zone and simply make assumptions. Most often they assume the camera and the computer are set to the same time zone. With the Mac automatically adjusting the time zone as I travel, I find this assumption to be incorrect most of the time. Some software also ignores time zone information embedded in image files and instead uses a misguided assumption. This may be what happened here.


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