hi folks,

I just received a GISTEQ Phototrackr for Christmas, and it seems pretty cool - apart from some obvious oddness:

1) Mac software only geocodes JPG (I shoot RAW) - and it requires you to use their proprietary album software
2) unit records tracks in UTC, with no ability to change local time zone

so, my current workflow:

import data from device using script
convert .sr file to gpx file with script
open up HoudahGeo, import pictures with -28800 second camera offset
open up .gpx file, import track log
write the data to EXIF/XMP tags, un-checking "Timestamp"

and it works perfectly!

I'm posting this in case anyone else has similar GISTEQ issues. HoudahGeo is a great app for geocoding, thanks for being able to solve my Christmas dilemna!

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HoudahGeo 2.0, which was released minutes ago, should support Gisteq NMEA log files. This is untested for lack of a Gisteq device.

ALL track loggers record in UTC. HoudahGeo accounts for this.

You should NEVER abuse the camera error feature to fake a time zone setting. The timestamp determined by HoudahGeo will be wrong and thus "corrupt" your photo when written to EXIF.

You just need to tell which time zone your camera was set to. It is that easy!

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ahh! you are correct... I went back through my logfiles and found that I had added 8 hours to the logger on import...

I still have to use the perl scripts to get the data in, but HoudahGeo now does everything else, and it's easy to use, too.

thanks again!

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