Is there a way to make HG an external editor from Lightroom. Just as you can go to CS4 from lightroom it would be nice to go to HG with multiple photos. rather than having to get them from the respective folders. Is there a way?

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I was hoping for an experienced Lightroom user to jump in.

I for one don't know how this could be done. Given that HoudahGeo works on projects made of several images, I don't believe there is a way for it to become external editor.

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Houdah Geo can be used as an external editor, but I'm not convinced that it's a particularly efficient workflow for more than a few rendered images. In particular, you can't send DNG or raw files to Houdah Geo from Lightroom.

In Lightroom Preferences, configure Lightroom to use Houdah Geo as an external Editor. The image should be sent to Houdah Geo as a TIFF file using the Edit in... command. This will create the TIFF and will open the image in Houdah Geo  from where you can append the appropriate geodata and any other notes that go with it. You then use the Write EXIF Tags command (Export menu). The image metadata will then be automatically be updated in Lightroom.
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