About a year ago I tried the app with my Holux M-1200E and it was working fine, yesterday I ended up buying the software without testing it first and it looks like no matter what I do I am unable to import from GPS.

When set to USB, only option is the SLAB_USBtoUART and that does not seem to work, there are no other USB devices listed even though device is listed in Hardware under USB.

GPS Receiver:

  Product ID:    0x3329
  Vendor ID:    0x0e8d  (MediaTek Inc.)
  Version:    1.00
  Speed:    Up to 12 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer:    MTK USB
  Location ID:    0xfd120000 / 4
  Current Available (mA):    500
  Current Required (mA):    500

Any suggestions?
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You may need to install a driver to connect to your GPS device. You probably had a driver installed on a previous version of OS X. This may have been disabled by an OS upgrade.

Which driver you need depends on the USB chip used in the track logger. I was unable to find which chip is used in the Holux M -1200E. The most likely candidate is the Silicon Labs CP210x product family. You can find the driver at

Some GPS devices rely on the USB-CDC-ACM driver that ships with OS X. If your device used that driver under Mavericks or earlier, it would have shown up as usbmodemXXX (where XXX are random digits). Unfortunately this driver has a bug in OS X Yosemite where it fails to work with many devices (mostly QStarz). If that is the case for your Holux, you can ask Holux if they have found a workaround.


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