When I import photos to a new project in Aperture (one library, 16,000 photos, mostly RAW), they do not immediately appear in HoudahGeo. Right-clicking "Reload" on the Aperture library in HoudahGeo has no effect and the end result is that it can take days(!) before HoudahGeo sees this new project (or any other changes I happen to make in Aperture).

I assume there's something up here either with the way Aperture writes to the library, or the way HoudahGeo reads it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I dug around these forums and couldn't find any reference to my problem.
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Just had the same issue.  Opened and closed Aperture a couple of times and on the last closing got the message "updating previews".  Project then showed up in the HoudahGeo browser.

Not sure if there's a way to force Aperture to update previews but I'll be looking for that next time.
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I frequently run into this same problem.

I don't know a way to force Aperture to update the previews shared with third-party apps (that message usually displayed when you quit Aperture), however there is a way to force Aperture to create new previews: option + right-click a selection of photos and select "Generate Preview(s)".

Even with this, I still have to wait a long and random time before some of my images are finally visible in HoudahGeo. Restarting Aperture and/or HoudahGeo does not seem to speed up this process.
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