Dtsearch is a solid, fast, text search app for Windows and Linux with spidering ad etc and the abioity to index and seRch massive amounts of text. I offer it as a feature idea set for what it's worth if you are not aware of it.

It is at a much higher price level and only for Windows or Linux, no Mac, but it might give Phillipe some sense or what that approach has achieved, iti's pretty robust, but at 500 to 2000, it should be. I have a list of these and they can exceed 250000 in sophisticated mining, semantic and data conversion and non-obvious linkage network map visual analytic packages, eg analyst notebook, Norma, now IBM and rebranded as intelligent BI and fraud real time app.

That's why I put dtseearch, I am amazed at how much faster and better Spotlight is than Windows native indexing, it beats the XP, Server 03 and the new Vista, Server 08, well at least without any departure from the default setting.

Phillipe, please keep it wallet friendly if you ever feed it steroids ok?

Live long and prosper...and the Taliban are a Romulan Front!

Vilhelm Kllnk
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