I would like to replace (windows) ultra finder with Houdah, but am getting incomplete results on known searches.  For example, when I search a specified directory with 226 word docx files for the word "known" Houdah returns 4 files; Ultrafinder returns 77 files.  I've tried setting different parameters: 

kind = Microsoft Document
file extension = docx
content kind = word processing

as well as 

text content - contains words - known
any text - contains words - known

I've reindexed Spotlight.

Any help appreciated,
David Johnson/Portland Oregon
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It seems like the files are not correctly indexed.

Please try the following:

Open one of the Word files missing from HoudahSpot search results. Often enough this triggers indexing of the file. Does it appear in HoudahSpot search results?

Re-save the file. Does it appear in search results?

Open /Applications/Utilities/
Type the following: "mdimport -d4 ". Without the quotes, but with the trailing space
Drag one of the missing files from Finder into the Terminal window. This appends the file path to the above command
Hit Enter

The mdimport command will index the file. It will also output a lot of Spotlight debugging information. Towards the start of the output (scoll up) it will tell you which Spotlight importer plug-in it chose to process the file. It will also show all the metadata extracted from the file. One of the last entries should be for kMDItemTextContent. This is the text that will be searchable by Spotlight / HoudahSpot. This should include the word "known".


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Many thanks.  Opening and saving a file didn't reindex, but mdimport -d4 did.  After testing on one file, I dragged all the files in the directory to a terminal window, following the mdimport -d4 command, and moments later all 226 were index and showing up in HoudahSpot searches.

Great program
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