Problem: I have a folder that contains several hundred sub-folders, each of which contains three XML files. Normally this folder is saved on a network drive. If I search for [B]Text content[/B], the search always fails - [I]No Files Found[/I]. Searching for [B]Content Type contains public.xml[/B] results in several hundred files being found.

If I copy this folder to my Desktop and do the same search, I am able to find files with the Content Type [B]public.xml[/B], I find files containing the Text Content for which I was searching.

I think that I know the answer -- the files are NOT in the Spotlight database thus content can not be searched on the network. Is there a way to index network files without bogging down my machine?
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I unfortunately have no network drive at hand to test this.

Leopard should however index network drives. Problems would occur if the network drive is owned by Tiger. Then indexes would not be compatible.

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