I am using a Canon 7D camera with WFT-5 and a BT GPS to geotag my pictures in the camera. I use some of these images as reference images to geotag pictures taken with an other camera.
When I try to drag directly or import from aperture one of the geo-tagged raw (.CR2) images into HoudahGeo 3.0.8, the program hangs with the spinning beach ball  and i have to force quit it. The problem  appears to relate to the direction information in the EXIF data. Aperture or Lightroom does not have a problem importing these files and the exported jpeg versions load fine into HoudahGeo.
I am attaching the console report of the issue.
I hope it can be fixed soon.
Click image for larger version - Name: _MG_1188.jpg, Views: 5, Size: 435.79 KB
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I am sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.

I will need to see the original CR2 file.
Could you try to email it to pierre . bernard at houdah . com ?
Or try to make it available on DropBox.

Pierre Bernard
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