Hello, I have used HoudahGeo successfully for a few years, most recently about a month ago.
I tried to use it today but the program will not launch:  an icon appears in the launchbar and bounces, but never starts and I cannot find a screen prompting for it, or inputs, anywhere.  The only way to stop it is to Force Kill it.  It does appear in the Activity Monitor as a task, with 3 threads and 0% CPU usage.  The icon stops bouncing after about a minute.
I have checked in for messages, but none appear from HoudaGeo, except when I force quit the program, at which point the force quit is noted.
I have deleted the .plist files from /Library/Preferences, no change.
There are no notes in /Logs/DiagnosticReports or /Logs/CrashReporter from HoudahGeo.
I have also restarted my system, no change.
Any suggestions would be welcome.  I have made no changes to my system recently, other than the usual updates from Apple.
This is a MacBookPro running 10.6.8, I have not tried Lion.  As noted, it has worked fine on this system as recently as late June (~1 month ago).

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Hello - reviewing the message that was posted after this one motivated me to try deleting the WebPageIcons.db file in ~/Library/Icons.  This worked on my system, HoudahGeo now launches as before.  So the problem is solved via this workaround.
There are comments that HoudahGeo 2.9.1 resolves this problem, but I cannot see where to download the update.  Instructions on this would be appreciated, as I plan to upgrade to Lion once all of the Adobe bugs are fixed.

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If you are running the regular version of HoudahGeo (not GE or LE), the built-in automatic update feature should suggest the update from HoudahGeo > Check For Updates…

Otherwise you need to download HoudahGeo from

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Indeed the menu item worked, thank you very much.

Joe Kristl
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FYI I encountered the same issue (HoudahGeo sort of launching but not really). Per the instructions, I downloaded and updated to the current version which fixed the issue. Thanks.
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