I used HoudahGeo several times successfully in the past. Recently however, the program seems to just stop geocoding before it normally would.
The process:
After opening HoudahGeo I load my CR2 pictures (Canon Raw) into the program. In the second step I'm loading my AMOD GPS file that belongs to the pictures into HoudahGeo and it loads the track. After some time the track inspector adds a line item for the track and a window appears that x amount of pictures will be geocoded.
Now after some seconds the windows just closes and nothing happens.

That way I'm not able to tag a single picture successfully and I did several thousands in the past.

Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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Please have a look at the track log inspector and at the main window. Do the photos' timestamps fall within the time span covered by the track logs?

If not, you have probably given HoudahGeo the wrong camera timezone information.

Pierre Bernard
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This was it.
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