I am new to this product and have come across due to the changes in Apple Photos for Mac.  I have two computers a mac air which is still running mavericks and an iMac which now has Yosemite and Photos.  Couldn't find how to start a new thread but hoping someone will look at this!

I was going to practice with Houdah on my macair and mavericks first.  My iPhoto Library is empty on the macair.  Funny thing when I open up Houdah it has 300+ photos there.  I can't seem to work out where they are being stored and why Houdah is picking them up but not iPhoto?

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Veronica,

HoudahGeo looks at the preferences file to find the iPhoto library.

Please check that preference:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following line:
defaults read iPhotoLastOpenedDatabase
3. Hit return

You should see an response like this:


This should point at a AlbumData.xml file within your iPhoto library.

If the entry is missing or wrong, start iPhoto while holding the option key.
It will ask you to point it to the iPhoto library.

Now check that the AlbumData.xml is not out of date.

1. In Finder, go to the Pictures folder (or wherever your iPhoto library is)

2. Right-click or control-click your "iPhoto Library.photolibrary" file
3. Select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu

You should find the AlbumData.xml within the "iPhoto Library.photolibrary" package.
Check the modification date on the file.

If you suspect something is wrong with the file, move it to a different folder or the Trash.
Relaunch iPhoto. It will create a new file.


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