After sending a similar message to HoudahGeo Support, I realized I should probably join and ask here in the forum.

I understand from another response in this forum that HoudahGeo does not directly support the importing of data from a Holux M-241.

However, would I be correct in assuming from my preliminary research, that you can import M-241 data to a Mac using the mysterious BT747 software?

Can the resulting data file obtained using BT747 be successfully used with HoudahGeo?

Until a geotagging log generator app appears for the new iPhone, that little M-241 seems to be the most appealing device for my needs, and HoudahGeo seems to be the most appealing app for merging data. So, does anyone here have recommendations on how to get them to work together? Is anyone here doing that now?

I am brand new to the world of geotagging, and still trying to figure out  my options before I purchase anything. But I am eager to get started so I can learn the process before an imminent departure for Japan. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Savage

About to embark on a dark and dangerous journey into the mystical world of geotagging.
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I have just finished upgrading HoudahGPS to gpsbabel-1.3.6. This brings support for many new devices, including the Holux m241 based devices.

As I have no device at hand to test, I hold off an official announcement until I get reports of success from users with access to the actual device.

Please [URL=]download HoudahGPS 3.0[/URL] and give it a try. Report any success or failure here or via email.

Once HoudahGPS 3.0 is confirmed to work, I will officially release it. An update to HoudahGeo with the same features will follow soon thereafter.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.

Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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Holux m-241 fw 1.3 works fine via Bluetooth out of the box with HoudaGEO/GPS on a MBP with OS X 10.9!
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