Just got houdahspot 4.  Wow!  Had so much fun with my old templates.  Wouldn't work-- not compatible.  Went to the forums, and after some digging found the "migration tool".  Would have been nice if it was a little easier to find.  So, used the migration tool, placing "converted" files into the ~/Library/Application Support/com.houdah.HoudahSpot4/Templates.  One at a time-- not so convenient.   And now my converted templates are available and ready to use, right?  So wrong.  I clicked the "Templates" in the menu bar-- no templates, no joy.  Turns out every single one of these "converted" houdahspot 3 templates had to be converted again before being displayed in the "Templates" drop-down, one at a time.  And since I don't like tabs, it was a snap to just click a preference or something so they all open in separate windows, right?  So wrong.  And these "converted" templates, they preserved all the original search locations, right?  Uh, well, no. 

The reason people use houdahspot is because the Spotlight interface is so uselessly inconvenient.  And you have inflicted a major inconvenience on your loyal customers by rendering existing templates unusable by version 4.   Nothing can done, completely unavoidable, right?  Would have been completely impossible to include, in houdahspot 4, the capability to convert existing templates and place them in the new Templates folder in a state usable by houdahspot 4.  It is inconceivable that such a major incompatibility in the new version would not inconvenience and anger customers upon its discovery after paying for the upgrade.  Equally inconceivable that engineers at houdah would not anticipate this level of customer dissatisfaction.  Maybe you just don't care.  You got our money.  Very convenient and profitable for programmers-- what else matters?  And that "migration tool"?  Lame and half-baked.  And making this tool easier to find would tip potential upgrade customers to the fact that they're about to get jerked around.  Can't have that can we.

Methyl Viologen
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I am sorry to hear the migration was not as seamless as it should have been.

The migration tool creates HoudahSpot 4 saved searches. These can be saved as templates using HoudahSpot 4.
I see how the migration tool can be improved here.

Search locations work differently in HoudahSpot 4 than they did in HoudahSpot 3. HoudahSpot 4 now lets you include folders even when these are nested in an exlcuded lcoation. E.g. search ~/Library/Mail even though you have excluded the rest of ~/Library.

The migration tool should bring over search locations as these were set up in HoudahSpot 3. You will need to double-check those since these may not have the same meaning to HoudahSpot 4.

Did the mirgration tool fail to copy over search locations?
Can you email me one of the templates on which it failed?

There is a hidden preference to prefer new windows over tabs.

1. Quit HoudahSpot
2. Open /Applications/Utilities/
3. Paste in the following line:
defaults write com.houdah.HoudahSpot4 openDocumentsInNewWindow -bool YES
4. Hit Enter / Return

To revert to the default, use the following command:

defaults delete com.houdah.HoudahSpot4 openDocumentsInNewWindow


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