Hey there. I'm considering buying HoudahSpot, but before I do, I'd like to get it working as I need it to work.

1) I was unable to find a way to display both visible and invisible items at the same time using houdahspot. The query that I tried was
(ANY of "invisible YES", "invisible NO"). It silently reverted one of the conditions to the other when searched, and only ever displayed visible or invisible files. In the regular spotlight interface, there is a third option, which 'any visibility'. Is it even possible to see invisible and visible at the same time?

2) I have been unable to find a test file using a query that I would have expected to succeed. The test file was a ruby source file living in hidden dot directory. This is something I commonly have to find. I also can't find it using a regular spotlight search. I am given to understand that spotlight doesn't index hidden directories, and that I have to use "mdimport". Can someone please give me an example command to permanently include a hidden directory in the list of paths to index? If necessary I'll create a hazel rule to do that for all of my hidden directories.

3) I noticed that HoudahSpot saves searches in a proprietary format. Is there any possibility that we will see this change in a future release? I would love to use HoudahSpot's interface to build some saved searches that I can put in my Path Finder sidebar. Or is there another way to integrate these two great products that taste great together?
TIA for any support.
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Thank you for your interest in HoudahSpot.

1a. I am not aware of the "reverted" bug you describe. Could you provide details?
1b. There indeed seems to be a bug with the "file invisible" criterion seems to behave erratically.
2. I believe there is no way to force Spotlight to index dot directories
3. You may invoke PathFinder from within HoudahSpot

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