I'm setting up a new Mac on High Sierra.  Clicking the "Enable HoudahSpot Helper" button doesn't do anything, and Activity Monitor doesn't show HoudahSpot Helper as a running app.

/var/log/system.log shows errors:

Sep 29 08:30:09 david[1] (com.houdah.HoudahSpot4.HoudahSpotHelper[17582]): Could not find and/or execute program specified by service: 155: Refusing to execute/trust quarantined program/file: com.houdah.HoudahSpot4.HoudahSpotHelper
Sep 29 08:30:09 david[1] (com.houdah.HoudahSpot4.HoudahSpotHelper): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds.

And sure enough, the com.houdah.HoudahSpot4.HoudahSpotHelper files are quarantined:

sudo find /Applications -iname '*HoudahSpotHelper*' -exec xattr {} \;

Deleting the quarantine attribute lets HoudahSpotHelper run.

sudo find /Applications -iname '*HoudahSpotHelper*' -exec xattr -d {}

It started right up as soon as I ran that command.

HoudahSpot is the latest version, 4.3.1.

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Thank you for the heads-up and for the workaround instructions

macOS should remove the quarantaine flag the first time you launch an application from Finder. This should also remove the flag on helper applications contained within the main application.

On very rare occasions, macOS fails to clear the flag on helper applications.

I’ll see if this is a more frequent occurrence on High Sierra.


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