Why is "Customize Touch Bar..." appearing as the last menu item under Houdahspot - where Quit is always positioned?  Every time I try to quit the Houdahspot app, I end selecting "Customize Touch Bar..." by accident.  Please put Quit back at the bottom, where it belongs . . .
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Thank you for reporting the problem.

Which version of macOS are you running?

macOS automatically adds the "Customize Touch Bar..." when a Touch Bar is detected. It should add this to the View menu. On macOS 10.14.6 this works as expected.

Do you also see a "Customize Touch Bar..." at the bottom of the View menu?
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I'm running 10.15.1.  The "Customize Touch Bar..." is not appearing under View, which would be fine.  It's appearing under the Houdahspot menu entry, just below "Quit".
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