I've recently bought HoudahSpot Version 3.9.8 (9829) for a Macbook Pro running Yosemite with 8 gig of RAM. It's really valuable and I'm glad I've got it.

There are a few problems though, two of which are especially annoying.

The programme doesn't sort properly on either the Finder or Open Meta Tags columns.

For example, 

HoudahSpot sort.jpg 

The tag column is the right-hand one. It would be much easier to change a group of identical tags if they were all together.

Secondly, if I right-click a file or multiple files, and choose Tag Selection, the tag entry box that appears is usually activated so I can start typing immediately, as is the Save button. However, quite often the same box will appear and will not be activated so that I have to click it before I type. When this happens, I have to click the Save button twice. Once to activate it, and once to save. It's a nuisance.

Possibly related to this is the fact that sometimes when selecting multiple files, the Tag Entry box simply fails to appear at all, and I have to change my selection, or reselect and then it works okay.

The third problem is that if I tag a file in Cover Flow view, as soon as I save the tag the programme exits immediately. The file is tagged when I restart the programme, so that's all right, but it's annoying.

In every case, I've rebooted the Mac and made sure that only HoudahSpot is running (apart from some small startup programmes)


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Hi Mick!

Thank you for the feedback.

1. I will see to improve sorting by tags in HoudahSpot 4. The currentHoudahSpot 4 beta sorts the same way as HoudahSpot 3.

2. Please check /Applications/Utilities/ > All Messages for error messages when this happens

3. Please check /Applications/Utilities/ > All Messages for error messages when this happens

4. I have found Cover Flow to be very unreliable on Yosemite. It often fails to display files or displays them only partially. This appears to be a system wide issue.

I have tested tagging files from HoudahSpot's CoverFlow view, but failed to make it crash.

Does HoudahSpot offer the option to send in a crash report when you relaunch it? Please submit that.

If it does not, please check /Applications/Utilities/ > User Diagnostic Reports for a crash report.

Pierre Bernard
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