Houdahspot seems to be behaving oddly (v 3.1)
I'm searching for text within files in a nested group of folders. I do the search and get a list of 85 files. I double click one to have a look at it then close it and find that there are now 84 files listed by Houdahspot.
If I stop the search and then repeat it I find 85 files again.
Am I missing something? (apart from one file!)


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This may have many causes including a corrupted Spotlight index.

It may also be "normal" behavior. Opening a file changes the date it was last used and may also trigger reindexing. Thus you may see this behavior if you have a criterion on the date last used. You may also see this if you have upgraded the software used to open the file. The new Spotlight plug-in may index the file differently causing it to no longer match your criteria.

What criteria are you using?
Is it always the same file that vanishes?

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