I'm in Brazil, using a brazilian keyboard.

You can see this keyboard's layout in

This keyboard works fine with all applications in my mac, except HoudahSpot.

When HoudahSpot's window is focused, the keys Ícone da tecla Command (Command)    and   Ícone da tecla Opção ou Alt  (Option) are reversed.

In this case, if I press COMMAND it acts like OPTION, and if I press OPTION it acts like COMMAND.

 If the focus goes to another windows (safari, for example) the keyboard works fine, without this key inversion. 

I'm using MAC OS Lion, and HoudaSpot version 3.4.4 (4102).

Any suggestions ?

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I am sorry, I have absolutely no idea what could cause this.

I have just tried the Brazilian keyboard layout and found no problem.

Please use the Language and Text System Preferences to "Show input menu in menu bar". This should show a Brazilian flag in the menu bar. Does that flag change when you switch to HoudahSpot?

Pierre Bernard
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Dear Pierre,

Thanks for you prompt response.

I did it, and the flag did not change.

However i believe the problem IS NOT in Houdah.

In fact, I use a Microsoft Keyboard, and it adds to the system a new keyboard layout named "Microsoft Keyboards.bundle".  They do this because in brazilian portuguese we have letters and accents absent in the english language. 

Using this layout we have the problem.

Using the original brazilian portuguese layout that comes with Lion, the problem really does NOT occurs.

Will try to solve the problem with Microsoft support.

Finally my congratulations: you have a great product and I absolutely can't live without it.


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