The below post mentions searching for the frame rate of a video file. How do you do this? I have HoudahSpot 5.1.3 running on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5."frame+rate"&pid=1309418330&random=16986
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. Spotlight relies on importer plug-ins to extract metadata and text content from various file types. Such importers are installed with macOS and with applications that introduce proprietary file formats.

These importers (i.e. their developers) are free to decide which information to share with Spotlight and how to label it. The Info pane or window in HoudahSpot is a good place to check which data is actually available for a particular file. You can expect the same data to be available for other files of the same type.

I misspoke in the other post. Frame rate is not available. For most video formats, bit rate is available. You can make a guess about frame rate from resolution and bit rate.
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