Help! I haven't been able to run Houdahspot since this morning began. I've rebooted my MacBook Pro a couple of times, but it still crashes right away. I have MacBook Pro, 15-inch (Early 2011) | Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7 | Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 | Software: OS X 109.5 (13F34)). Here's the error thrown. It's probably not related, but I'll mention it nonetheless: the only thing I recall doing differently this morning was to update the Vienna (RSS Reader) app (Now Version 3.0.4 :a86edf4:). Any help would be helpful

(houdah: removed crash report for brevity)
(houdah: fixed in HoudahSpot 3.9.10)
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Solved. I downloaded and installed Houdahspot 3.9.10 (And removed HS 3.9.9). Don't know why HS 3.9.9 was still there, as until now HS would always "autoupdate". Cheers. Martin
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Identical problem (though not using Vienna app) and what appears to my uneducated eye to be a similar crash log:

(houdah: removed crash report for brevity)
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This is a bug in HoudahSpot 3.9.9.
The only fix is to download and install HoudahSpot 3.9.10
HoudahSpot crashes before the automatic update gets a chance to kick in.
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