Long ago I purchased Tembo, now in version 1.8. I also purchased HoudahSpot, now in version 4.4

I've been using HoudahSpot, but quit using Tembo some time ago.

I see now there's a Tembo 2.0


1. I find it confusing to have two Mac search apps from the same software house. What's the big difference between the two?

2. If I've got Houdahspot, should I bother upgrading Tembo at all?

3. If I do upgrade Tembo, is there a cheaper upgrade path than paying full price again?


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Both HoudahSpot and Tembo are file search tools based upon the Spotlight index.
Generally speaking, HoudahSpot is more powerful and Tembo is easier to use.

The approach for narrowing down search results is different:
With Tembo you start a rather broad search, get 10'000 search results and Tembo will suggest filters to break down those results.
HoudahSpot gives you tools to build precise queries. You keep adding criteria until you find the list of results manageable.

Basically: Tembo "guides" you. HoudahSpot puts you in control.

Deciding between Tembo and HoudahSpot is mostly a matter of personal taste or preference as to how to approach search.
You can also use Tembo for easy searches and move over to HoudahSpot when the search turns out not to be that easy.

Do check out the blog post on differences between HoudahSpot and Tembo.

Upgrade pricing is available on Tembo. The single user upgrade license is priced at $6.95. The family upgrade license is priced at $9.95.

The current version will load you existing license file and offer you the option to buy an upgrade. If you bought your license on or after March 1, 2015 it remains valid for Tembo 2.

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Thanks for the very complete answer!
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