I upgraded my MacBook from Lion to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 last night and did a fresh install of HoudahSpot but it won't let me add the HoudahSpot icon to the Finder window - it gives me a "Failed to modify Finder toolbar configuration" error message when I tried. The version of HoudahSpot is 3.6.3 and it was working fine in OS X 10.7.5, so other than the new Mountain Lion, very little is different. The way I installed HoudahSpot was to just manually copy the folder from another disk to the new /Applications and also copied the ~/Library/Application Support/HoudahSpot folder from another disk to the new /Users/~/Library/Application Support folder.

Is this because of the new "sandboxing" in Mountain Lion or ???

Any idea what the problem might be, and how to fix things? I really like having that HoudahSpot icon in the Finder window when I need to look for something rather than having HoudahSpot running all the time.


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Adding the HoudahSpot icon to the Finder toolbar works fine here with 10.8.2.

Please check /Applications/Utilities/ > All Messages for error messages from HoudahSpot.

You may also install the icon manually:

- In the Finder, control-click the icon
- Select "Show Package Contents" from the context menu
- Navigate to Contents > Resources
- Drag to the Finder toolbar

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