I wanted to search all pictures, including ~/Pictures, but not the photos from the Photos app.

The file chooser dialog didn't let me select the "~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary", but even using Shift+Command+G and entering the path manually didn't work. Well, it got selected and filled in (except the extension got stripped), but the files underneath that part were still included in the search result.

Is there a way to select this directory?
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With a search result selected, you can drag a folder from the path at the button of the window to the exclude section of the Locations list
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Thanks, that is a tremendously helpful tip! It is so much faster than going through the dialogs...

It still doesn't work with "~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary" itself (it just turns into "~/Pictures" in the exclude list), but it gave me the idea to drag the subdirectories under this folder, and that worked.
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