I have been using HoudahSpot to find a set of emails in an exchange on a particular topic.

I have been able to get a search result with the emails that I want, but I'm not sure how to print out a file which concatenates all the emails.  If I do a Select All and then press the space key to View the emails, I can move through a concatenated view of the emails - but there doesn't seem to be any way to print that view into a file.

Is there some simple way to get the email search results into a file?


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HoudahSpot does not have an option to print results. If you wish to print the results, you can use Results > Copy as Tab Delimited and then paste into a spreadsheet or text editor and print from there.
If you want to print the contents of the files, you need to open them and print from the application that owns the files. For some files you can also trigger printing from Finder. Use HoudahSpot to reveal files in Finder and there select File > Print.
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