Hello, I use version 4.5 and if I start the program I see there is an upgrade to 4.5.1. But when I try to install it I get an error message after the download with "error at the update".

On your homepage I saw there is an version 5. available, but I have not found an option to buy the upgrade version only.

How can I manage it?
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I have fixed the upgrade download for HoudahGeo 4.5.1.

Upgrades are available from within the trial version of HoudahGeo 5.0. This will load your existing license file and offer upgrade pricing.

You can download HoudahGeo 5.0 from and install it next to 4.5.1.
You can also update to HoudahGeo 4.5.1 and then check for updates. Auto-update can install HoudahGeo 5.0 over your current version.


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