I just purchased HoudahSpot and like it a lot. However, I cannot figure out how to do an exclude. For example, I have a Master Folder with 10 subfolders in it. I have defined the Master Folder in the Where section. I would like to search for all folders that DO NOT contain the word Adobe and have configured it as shown. If I understand the logic correctly, shouldn't that show all folders that do not have Adobe in the name?


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The issue seems to be that whenever I include a None Group and restrict it using some sort of criteria, I always get No Files Found, regardless of how files or folders are present.
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You have uncovered a bug. The "Kind" criterion works with Universal Type Identifiers. The value you select from the list would need to be converted to a UTI.

The UTI for folder is "public.folder". You could enter that manually.

You can also use the "Content kind" criterion which has a value for "folder".

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