On my Nikon, I added an external GPS, and I instructed the camera to set the time based on the GPS.

However, I never adjusted the time zone the camera itself thought it was in (that is to say, I live in Eastern time, and it stayed at eastern time the entire set of photos).

Where the GPS was able to gather the location and time, HoudahGeo works well.

However, when the GPS was not able to get the GPS time, it defaulted back to Eastern Time.

So I have something like this:

Photo 1 -  8:30 AM     Lat/Long  from GPS
Photo 2 -  8:31 AM     Lat/Long  from GPS
Photo 3 - 11:32 AM     NO GPS
Photo 4 - 11:33 AM     NO GPS
Photo 5:   8:32 AM     Lat/Long from GPS


So to make matters even worse, I kept a separate GPS log, so photos 3 and 4 are now placed in the wrong location because the time is wrong.

Is there a way to manually adjust the time of the photo based on the fact that there is no GPS data in the picture?  Since I have about 500-800 photos in the condition, I'd need to be able to do it in bulk.

Any ideas?

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By default, HoudahGeo applies time zone settings only to images that do not yet include time zone information.

You should be able to set the “Camera Time Zone” in HoudahGeo to “Eastern Time” in HoudahGeo’s “Camera Setup”. Geotagged images should keep the time set by the GPS, while the remaining images should be adjusted by HoudahGeo.

You can also sort the images in HoudahGeo by Latititude. This groups geotagged images away from the other ones. You can then remove the geotagged images from the project, by selecting them and hitting the delete key. After that you can proceed to geocoing the remaining images.


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Thank you.   That's a perfect solution and it worked very well.
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