Hi- the last couple of times that I have attempted to use HS (from the menu bar), the beach ball spins and spins and spins. Coincidentally, I have noticed the fans on my MBP running more and the temp on the underside of the laptop gets very hot. So I did some looking around on the Apple Discussion board and someone suggested that the Activity Monitor be opened and see what apps were open. So what do I see, but HS listed and in red next to it it says "not responding". So I had to force quit HS and immediately my fans slowed down- from about 4000+rpm to about 2000rpm. And the temps dropped by about 20-30 degrees. I should mention that earlier today when I tried to use HS and got the beach ball, I tried to do a force quit but it wasn't listed in the window that popped up........ I have come across this same issue in the last week it seems- go to use HS and the beach ball comes on. Can't force quit since it's not listed in the pop up window. Fans run and run and run and my computer gets hot. Didn't think to check the Activity Monitor and force quit from there till tonight. So anyway, that is my observations. Not sure what's going on but I didn't like hearing the fans running constantly and the bottom of my MBP getting almost searing hot........ Judy
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Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Fans spin up when the computer gets hot. This often happens when you have a runaway process: a process which for one reason or another starts hogging the CPU.

HoudahSpot is made of 2 processes. The HoudahSpot application and the HoudahSpotHelper background process. The "Force Quit" dialog only lists standard applications. You won't find HoudahSpotHelper there. You should however find HoudahSpotHelper in the Activity Monitor application. There you should also see how much CPU each of these processes use.

I haven't seen any such problem with HoudahSpot lately. Be sure to run the latest version. When upgrading, quit the HoudahSpot menu item and make sure you have only one copy of HoudahSpot left on your computer.

Should the problems happen again, check the log files in /Applications/Utilities/ for messages from HoudahSpot or HoudahSpotHelper.

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Thank you for that explanation of why I didn't see HS in the Force Quit window. Now that I know to look in the Activity Monitor for any program that won't respond to opening, I will check there. I am using the 2.1.5 version. Judy
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