So, I must be doing something obviously wrong here.

I am a mac user and have a holux m-241.  I have tried geotagging my raw RW2 files and everytime I go to geotag using the GPS device button, nothing happens.  3-4 windows open and close super fast and I am left with the same screen that I saw before (the names of the pictures files with their respective time stamps and NO coordinate info).  It appears as if muy mac is downloading something from the m241, but I cant be sure.  I have installed the holux mas usb driver.  Is this a problem with the holux, the software or with me???

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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To load GPS data from the device, click the first button of the yellow step 2 in the toolbar.

Upon loading GPS data, two things happen:

- The Track Log Inspector window opens
- HoudahGeo attempts to geocode photo in the project using the new data

Please have a close look at the Track Log Inspector. This lists all track logs loaded from the device. For each log it shows the time span covered. Check this against the timestamps shown for your photos in the main window. The photos should fall within the time spans covered by the track log.

If they don't you probably have specified the wrong camera time zone.

Pierre Bernard
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Hi Pierre -
Thanks so much.  That was part of the problem.  The other problem was that it was unclear exactly how to start logging on the holux.  I figured it out and now houdahgeo works perfectly.  Thanks so much.


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