I just recently purchased the Mac app Type2Phone.

First off it is an amazing app and I will be using it all the time (infact I am typing on my Mac keyboard to my iPad now!).
I love how I can "paste" the Mac copyboard to the iPad, but would love to do it in reverse.

Looking at how the app emulates a bluetooth keyboard I can see that it would not be possible to simply make this work.
My suggestion is a companion iOS app with copy sharing functionality.

I use an app called 'Airpaste Board' which lives on the Mac and on iOS.
Both devices need to be on the same wifi network.
When started the app asks which device to copy from (and thus which recieves the copy board).

This works great but is one more app I need to be running on both devices.
You could consider making an iOS companion app for Type2Phone that negotiates copyboard sharing.

Type2Phone on the Mac automatically has access to the Mac copyboard, and the iOS app would be able to access the iPad one.
The Mac app would look the same, but have the added sharing/recieving functionality baked in.
The iOS app would simply have two buttons [send copyboard to Mac] [Receive Copyboard from Mac].

Users can use Type2Phone as normal, but if they want to send/receive the copyboard they can choose to quickly fire up the iOS app and chose an option.
Fast and easy.

Not an essential app, but certainly an idea to expand Type2Phone functionality.
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Thank you for the feedback.

There are already a couple of clipboard sharing tools out there. Integrating one into Type2Phone is an interesting idea.

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