I frequently forget to update my camera clock when traveling - and sometimes I do it mid-trip. What this means is that it ends up being quite difficult - and I end up having to play a lot with the time correction in seconds, then viewing the geocoded photos to see if they match where I remembered some of them being taken.

I've seen a couple of other solutions that would work well in HoudahGeo. One thing I typically do is take a photo of my GPS receiver at the beginning of a trip or hike. What would be nice is if HoudahGeo then provided an interface for me to select that photo, and enter the time shown on the GPS receiver. Then HoudahGeo would determine the appropriate time offset.

Another possibility, when I haven't taken a photo of my GPS receiver, would be to show the GPX tracks, and slide a couple of photos to their correct position, and then have HoudahGeo determine the time offset from those "calibration" photos. This could be done either as just a simple time slider, or by dragging and dropping photos to their approximate location.
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Thanks for the feedback.

The map based method unfortunately is not very precise or reliable. I also have heard of many users finding this approach confusing.

The idea of entering time as seen on a photograph of the GPS device seems very interesting. I will explore that.

None of these methods will solve the problem of changing the camera settings mid-trip. HoudahGeo assumes all photos of a project to be taken with the same time zone settings.

BTW, there is no need to keep adjusting your camera time. When exporting EXIF tags HoudahGeo will correct the camera time with the time zone information you have provided.

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I just made a forum account so I could comment on this post specifically

I 2nd the request for an easier way to sync the picture and GPS time via a picture of the GPS screen. That's what I did on a photo trip yesterday, and was surprised I couldn't synchronize in this way. (I actually came to the forums to see if I'd missed something obvious).

I'd expect it to work in a really basic way:
1) select a picture and click some 'sync clock' button
2) Dialog appears with a "Enter the time/date that this picture was taken" interface. The time/date should default to the info that was saved in the picture's original exif data.
3) I'd change the info based on what I see in the picture (the picture of my gps display)
4) The software would automatically figure out what the offset is and apply that to the rest of the photos in the project
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My camera has a problem of a relatively serious clock drift. It gets slower by about 3 seconds every day. I have attempted to compensate for this by resetting the clock every week or so to be 10 seconds faster than the actual time. This way, it would be staying in around 10 to 15 seconds of the actual time.

But if HoudahGeo had an ability to linearly correct the drift (and change the EXIF data accordingly), it would be a big boon. Basically, I would take the photo of the computer clock at the beginning and the end of a project. HoudahGeo would have an option to set the start offset and end offset of time for the project, and I could determine how much offset there is by comparing the clock in the photo and the photo's EXIF data.
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