Was wondering if you had thought of adding a feature to HS so that it would remember previous searches and there was a forward/back arrow that you could click on to cycle between this stack of searches. Seems like I'm finding myself repeating the same searches sometimes and it would be a whole lot easier to just restore the search stack to a previous state instead of entering in the criteria all over again, especially for complex searches involving several keys.

If you do, might also put in a preference for the size of stack allowed so that people can keep as few or as many as they wish.

Thanks for listening...


ps - is there somewhere that has upcoming features listed or features that you're thinking about adding?
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Thank you for the feedback.

I would suggest you create a open a new window if there is any chance you might be returning to the current search.

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I suggested showing a saved searches bar previously like Leap does (like Safari's bookmarks bar). I think it could be a good way of quickly and easily accessing your searches.
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I agree. I have suggested this in the past too. The HS developers seem attached to the idea that every search needs a fresh window. I don't mind that, if that is what you like. But for me, and many others, it would be much nicer to have just one screen and to have all my saved searches in folders, bookmark bar, etc.  I am VERY happy to have one  window for many searches.
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Yea HoudahSpot is the more powerful app, but I keep going back to using Leap as it's SO useful to be able to selected the different saved searches from it's bookmarks bar.
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