Searching in a Finder window if you you select to search by File Label you can choose a coloured dot (or none) to select a label (Also works the same in Hazel).

In HoudahSpot you can't do this, or even type the colour of the label. Instead you have to find out the number corresponding to the appropriate label colour (e.g. The red label in number 6).
This is very unintuitive. Is there any chance in the future to make selecting a file label colour the same as in Finder?

Also the option to display coloured labels of files in the results windows would greatly be appreciated. (If I have files or folders with the same name on my computer I'll often give them different label colours to easily tell the difference between them in a search).
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Thanks for the feedback.

Both features are high on my to-do list.

Pierre Bernard
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Brilliant, thanks for the quick reply!
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