HoudahGeo does not seem to pull the correct coordinates from Google Earth. An example:

Houdah cross - hairs on Google at 1˚32'54.58"N, 125˚17'18.38"E  - a location at sea, and Houdah loads:

1˚ 54'85.1" N, 125˚ 28'24.5" E, a location on land with an altitude of 34.88 ft.

Has anyone see something similar? As it is, the application is useless to me
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The screenshot you emailed me shows the coordinates in HoudahGeo as 01.54851 N and 125.28845 E.

The coordinates are actually identical to the ones you see in Google Earth, but displayed differently. Google Earth uses degrees/minutes/seconds while HoudahGeo uses decimal degrees.
You may change the unit used by HoudahGeo from the Units tab in HoudahGeo preferences.

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Many thanks for the quick response! Should have thought of that myself... Everything works fine - good product.


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