I was trying to georeference some files, and I ran into a problem that I don't understand. I have a "CR2" file (Canon Raw), and it appears that Houdahgeo is reading the timestamp incorrectly (off by one hour). What is strange is that other photos taken at nearly the same time show the correct timestamp.

Output from the exiftool program is:
exiftool -createdate -modifydate /Users/alan/Desktop/20091104\ 101542/20091104\ 101542\ _Z9S2930.CR2
Create Date                     : 2009:11:04 10:15:42
Modify Date                     : 2009:11:04 10:15:42
Lightroom shows "Date Time Original", "Date Time Digitized" and "Date Time" all as "11/4/09 10:15:42".

But perversely Houdahgeo shows Timestamp for this file as "11/04/09 9:15:42". I have the Camera time zone as GMT -7, but I don't think that this is relevant.

Contact me, and I'll send you the file.

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There are two things of importance here:

1. The camera time zone. The camera wrote a timstamp, but did not specify what time zone was used. Thus HoudahGeo needs to ask. Knowing the camera time zone, it can make sense of the timestamp. E.g. know that 7 hours need to be added to get a GMT timestamp.

2. The time zone used for displaying the timestamp. This usually is your computer's time zone. But this may be adjusted using the pop-up menu in the top right corner of the HoudahGeo window. This setting does not change the timestamps in any way. It just specifies how these should be displayed.

Thus: timestamps will appear the same in camera and on the computer of both camera time zone and display time zone are the same.

E.g. if HoudahGeo is set to display timestamp using the GMT timezone, timestamps will appear to be 7 hours off. Yet they are actually correct.

Now, there is one exception to statement number 1. Some photos - e.g. previously geocoded ones - may contain time zone information. By default this takes precedence over settings made in HoudahGeo.

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I figured it out. There was a "gpsdatetime" field in the metadata for the incorrect files, left when I attempted to use exiftool to georeference some files.

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