Is there a way to install Houdahspot on my Mac for all users? This comes up periodically when I need to create a new user for troubleshooting or on rare occasions that I log in as root.
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When you place HoudahSpot in the /Applications folder it is installed for all users. On first launch, HoudahSpot will offer to do so. If you also have an Applications folder in your home folder, HoudahSpot will ask to install for all users or for the current user. Installing for the current user, moves the application to the home folder.

Your license however will only be installed in your home folder. For all other users on the Mac, HoudahSpot will run in demo mode. If you have a family license, you can install that in the other accounts. You will need to install one by one. New account will be blank and not yet have a HoudahSpot license.

HoudahSpot licenses are files that open in HoudahSpot (e.g. on double-click in Finder). You may be able to automate the installation of the license by running a script on your new account that opens a license file saved to shared location. 
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Thanks. Licensing is of course a business decision for you. In this case I don't agree with it, but I would like to point out that I've been able to circumvent it by placing a copy of the licence at top level:Macintosh/
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