Since I updated to iOS 9.2, it seems my keyboard input via type2phone gets autocorrected. I have never had that issue before.

Does anyone know how to disable autocorrect for input via type2phone only?
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It seems this is a feature or bug of iOS 9.2. I found no way to selectively turn auto-correction off for Bluetooth keyboards.
Previous versions of iOS did not use auto-correction when a Bluetooth keyboard (or Type2Phone) is connected.


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Okay, thanks for confirming this. What an idiotic choice by Apple. Autocorrect makes little to zero sense on an actual keyboard for me.

I hope they correct this with 9.3
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I started a discussion on the Apple Support Communities as well:

"Disable Autocorrect for External BlueTooth Keyboard – iOS 9.2"


Seems like a bug or oversight, probably no real fix other than disabling Autocorrect completely. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next iOS update.

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