I have geocoded my pictures with HoudahGeo and they show location fine on my Mac in various apps, but on my iPad no apps recognize the location saying there is no geotag, I have tried the iPad Photo app, PhotoMgrPro and GeoTagr amongst others - but they all say the same. Cuiriously Lightroom says there is no Geo EXIF info, Adobe Bridge however shows it fine. Picasa is fine as well? Any ideas? I dont use iTunes at all, I transfer pictures from my Mac in other ways after I have Geocoded them....
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HoudahGeo writes WGS-84 latitude and longitude values to both EXIF and XMP tags.
This should provide very broad compatibility.

I have just tested a JPEG tagged by HoudahGeo with Lightroom 5.
The GPS data was picked up by Lightroom.

How do you transfer the images to the iPad?
Could the images be recompressed or otherwise stripped of metadata in the process?

Can you transfer an image back to your Mac and check that GPS data is still there?

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Thanks, you are correct. If I copy a photo back it looses its exif. If I copy a photo to my dropbox and add to my photo library from the iPad dropbox app the exif (including GPS) remains. Not a practical way to get bulk photo's across but at least I can work on that. Thanks again.
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