I've used type2phone with my iPhone 4 and mac with no problems. But I've upgraded to IPhone 5 and I cannot get the mac to pair with the iPhone via bluetooth. It initially pairs and says successful, then when you try and connect, the iphone sends up a dialog saying "connection unsuccessful "Johns Mac" is not supported" and then removes itself from the pairing list.

any suggestions ?


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Pairing should work with the iPhone 5. I am currently using that setup.

Please try the troubleshooting procedure outlined in the FAQ
The basic idea is to have both devices forget about each other. Reboot. Retry pairing.

The most important things to keep in mind:

- Pairing needs to originate from the iPhone. Not from the Mac
- Type2Phone must be running and frontmost on the Mac during the procedure

The message "not supported" usually means that the iPhone does not see the Mac as having the capability to act as a keyboard. It only has that while Type2Phone is active.

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Ok thanks, pairing whilst type2phone is running,, works. Thanks

wish list = be great if I could put the type2phone in the menu bar , up out of the way of other stuff thats running
always keen to learn
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