Thank you for adding the ability to geotag photos already imported into iPhoto '09. I am looking forward to leveraging this feature, but I have the following questions.
  1. When HoudahGeo 2.2 geotags photos in a iPhoto '09 library, does it update the iPhoto library, update the EXIF tags in the actual image files, or both?
  2. While the iPhoto application is installed on my system, the iPhoto library file is on a shared network drive (a drive connected to my Airport Extreme). Will HoudahGeo 2.2 have any problems accessing this remote library?
Thank you for your help.
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Thanks for your interest in HoudahGeo.

1. HoudahGeo updates EXIF as well as the iPhoto library database. For this you need to check the "Tag Masters/Originals" option.

2. I see no reason why working with a remote library should cause problems. You may however experience reduced performance.

Pierre Bernard
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