I'm hoping someone can clarify reverse geocoding before I purchase this program. Does HoudahGeo gather info from the iPhoto database to automatically tag photos and write the GPS data to the EXIF tags?  Or do you have to tag the photos manually & then HoudahGeo updates the iphoto database?

I have already tagged a lot of pictures in iPhoto prior to learning that it doesn't write the data to the EXIF file.  I would rather have the data stored within the picture so it can be used in any application.

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Thank you for your interest in HoudahGeo.

I am not perfectly sure I understand what you are trying to do. It does not seem like the question is related to reverse geocoding.

My best suggestion would be to try the demo version to see if you can get the desired results.

Currently, HoudahGeo reads metadata from the original image file upon import from iPhoto. It does not query iPhoto for additional metadata. I could however consider this for a future feature request.

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