Ok I've been trying out this software for an hour or so and I think I have most things figured out but I have a couple of questions.

First I load photos from my iPhoto library and get the photos geotagged. Then I click on the "Work on original images" checkbox and save the photos back to my iPhoto library. Then when I go into iPhoto and try to view the tagged photos and make sure the GPS data is attached by clicking on the Show photo info item in IPhoto the GPS data fields are blank.

Now the strange thing is when I upload this photo to flickr it properly shows up on the map where it is supposed to so it must actually have the geoinfo in the photo so why doesn't iPhoto show this info? How is it stored exactly? And did I miss a step in iPhoto do I have to refresh something to see it?

Other than that I am enjoying this tool immensely! Thanks for bringing it to the mac community!

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Unfortunately, iPhoto does not refresh EXIF/XMP data when image files are updated. Thus iPhoto will never see GPS data written after the fact. That's why I recommend geotagging your picture before importing them into a photo management application.

Grabbing photos from iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom is mostly useful when using HoudahGeo to publish your images to Google Earth or Flickr. The images may have been previously geocoded using HoudahGeo. Then GPS data is read from the EXIF tags. Or you may geocode them just for the purpose of publishing.

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